We source from all over the world to ensure every taste request can be satisfied, whilst also ensuring the highest quality products are used and all technical demands are met. Whether you are a leading international food manufacturer or a smaller, local manufacturer you will always receive an impeccable service and high quality products.

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The vast array of pastes created and manufactured by Jardox cover all cuisines throughout the globe. Trends identification and interpretation ensure we are at the forefront of innovation for you with a constant conveyer belt of new flavours and blends. From authentic USA regional BBQ sauces to Vietnamese and Korean based flavour profiles. These can come to you in sachet or bulk formats.


A good seasoning can make such a difference to a product and Jardox has created over 3,000 recipes for a wide range of food categories including seasonings for sausages, ready meals, savoury pastries, soups and burgers. These can be supplied in a variety of packaging formats.


Jardox has been involved in the manufacture of stocks since 1900. We supply a wide range of stocks from meat and fish based through to cheese and other vegetarian stocks. Our new range of high glutamate, sustainable and salt reducing stocks, called TRUMAMI, are now available. You can find out more information here


Jardox is at the forefront of retail solutions for the increasing demand for meals that are different and yet quick to make, and has developed a range of meal kits and cooking aids to support this growing market. We also supply many of the UK’s leading retailers with a wide range of savoury and sweet products. From yeast extract in glass jars through to stockpots, gravy pots and even porridge pots, Jardox may well be able to help you on your next project.

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